300m Depth Truck Mounted Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig

  • Model NO.: BZC300
  • Drill Hole Diameter: 250-300mm
  • Bit Type: Cone Bit
  • Type: Crawler
  • Drilling Diameter(mm): 500
  • Max Torque of Whole Machine(Kn.M): 650.M/1400-1500rpm
  • Bearing Capacity of Mast (Kn): 150
  • Bearing Capacity (T): 18
  • Pipe Assistant Pipe (mm): 89*10*6000
  • Transport Package: Naked Packing
  • Origin: China
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Hole Depth: >150m
  • Drilling Way: Compound
  • Drilling Depth(M): 300
  • Single Rope Lifting Capacity of Windlas: 30
  • He Lifting Capacity of Hook(Kn): 120
  • The Height of Mast (mm): 12042
  • Pipe Kelly (mm): 108*108*7500
  • Trademark: Kudat
  • Specification: Pulling /thrust force: 40 T
  • HS Code: 8430412900
KDP-40 Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine (40 ton hydraulic directional drilling machine) Specification

Max push capacity 400KN
Max pull capacity 400KN
Rated torque 15000 N. M
Rated speed Lower 0-40 rpm
High 0-80 rpm
Feed travel 5000 mm
Drilling angle 8-20 degree
Walking speed 2 km/h
Diameter of guide hole 170 (230) mm
Max diameter of reaming 830 mm
Pressure of hydraulic system 20MPa

Power of drill (diesel engine) YC6M240 175kw@2200r/min
Weight 16 Ton
Dimensions (LxWxH) 7800x2300x2350 mm
Move mode Moves with track
Mud pump Model BW-400
Mud pump Flux 400 L/min
Max. Pump pressure 10 Mpa
Drill pipe Φ 89mm x 4500mm
Crane 2 ton/ 4.5M max. Boom length

Mixing systems (Option)
Engine type 20.9PS gasoline engine
Mixing pump capacity 100 m3/hour
Mixing tank capacity 5m3
Mixing capacity 16M3/hour

 Max push capacity  400KN
 Max pull capacity  400KN
 Rated torque  15000 N.M
Rated speed  Lower 0-40 rpm
 High 0-80 rpm
 Feed travel  5000 mm
 Drilling angle  8-20°
  Walking speed 2 km/h
 Diameter of guide hole  170 (230) mm
 Max diameter of reaming  830 mm
 Pressure of hydraulic system  20MPa
 Power of drill (diesel engine)  YC6M240 175kw@2200r/min
 Weight  16 Ton
 Dimensions (L×W×H)  7800x2300x2350 mm
 Move mode  Moves with track
 Mud pump Model  BW-400
 Mud pump Flux  400 L/min
  Max. pump pressure   10 Mpa
 Drill pipe  Φ89mm×4500mm
  Crane   2 ton/ 4.5M max. boom length
  Mixing systems (Option)
  Engine type   20.9PS gasoline engine
  Mixing pump capacity   100 m3/hour
  Mixing tank capacity   5m3
  Mixing capacity   16M3/hour
Detailed Images
300m Depth Truck Mounted Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig
300m Depth Truck Mounted Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig

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300m Depth Truck Mounted Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig

300m Depth Truck Mounted Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig


Product description:

KY-175℃ KYNAR Heat Shrinkable TubBicycle brake wireis protected Heat Shrinkable sleeving made of irradiation cross-linked special fluorine polymer PVDF ( polyvinylidene fluoride ). PVDF Heat-Shrinkable tube with the specialty of superior chemical and physical properties, high temperature resistance, high flame resistance, chemical solvent resistance, rub resistance, and so on.

KY-175 ℃ KYNAR Heat-shrinkable tubing for automobile stay wire /Friction-resistant heat-shrinkable tube it`s used in Automobile, Car,Electronics, Military, Medical equipment and other fields and allies to industries: automobile, motorcycle cables,bicycle brake cables for insulation protection. Scalpel,coagulator knife, electric coagulation knife and other metal medical equipment for insulation protection.

Feature & benefit:

a) Semi-hard materials, thin wall design
b) Resistant to 175 degrees Celsius
c) Shrink ratio: 2/1, 3/1
d) High flame resistance  VW-1
e) Transparent design, inner player is visual when operating

Operating Indexes:

a) Min. Shrink temp.: 155 degrees Celsius
b) Recovered Shrink temp.: 175 degrees Celsius
c) Working temperature: -55~175 degrees Celsius 

Up to standard: Approvals
Meet AMS-DTL-23053/18 , Class 2    
Meet UL224 150 degrees Celsius  600V  VW-1

Kynar Heat Shrinkable Tube For Motorcycle Pulling Wiring

Kynar Heat Shrinkable Tube For Motorcycle Pulling Wiring
Pvdf Heat Shrinkable Tube For  digging line of inhaul cable
Medical Grade  PVDF High Temperature Resistant Heat Shrink Tubing
PVDF High Tempartur Resistant Heat shrink tubing

Kynar coagulation scalpel heat shrinkable tube (1)

High Temperature Heat-Shrinkable Tube

Friction resistant heat shrinkable tube,KYNAR HEAT SHRINKABLE TUBE,PVDF Heat Shrinkable Tube,The brake line protects the heat-shrinkable tube

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