Application of Pesticide Residue Analyzer in Construction of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers

Pesticides are the main means of production of “three rural issues”, but pesticide pollution and its harmful consequences are more serious. The issue of pesticide residues is directly related to the health of consumers and is also related to China's international food trade and national economic development. Therefore, to strengthen the monitoring of pesticide residues and environmental toxicology research, reasonably develop and correctly guide the use of pesticides, pesticide residue analyzer application in the three rural construction, not only can avoid and reduce unnecessary agricultural losses, but also to protect the ecological environment and consumers Physical health has important practical significance.
Among them, residual pesticides in food can not only cause acute poisoning, but also have chronic toxicity, especially carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic and affecting offspring; therefore, governments in all countries attach great importance to the management and detection of residual pesticides in foods. Food pesticide residues are not only economic issues, market issues, but also people's life and health issues. At present, the bottleneck that restricts food pesticide residue detection is the lack of sensitive, fast, safe, and economical methods.
At present, according to domestic and foreign reports, the main methods for the detection of residual pesticides include gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), spectrometry, immunoassay, enzyme inhibition assay, in vivo bioassay, and molecular imprinting technology. Biochip technology [1~5]. These methods can sensitively and accurately detect pesticides in various environmental samples, and can even distinguish different structural compounds in the same pesticides. These methods have high analysis accuracy and accurate quantification; however, these methods also have complex sample preparation, time-consuming detection, and high costs. The need for skilled operators and analytical equipment are expensive and unwieldy, and they cannot meet the on-site inspection requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a sensitive and efficient analysis method to monitor and detect pesticide residues. In recent years, important progresses and developments in the field of pesticide residue analysis have been achieved, namely: simplification, miniaturization, and automation of sample extraction and purification methods. The detection method is more sensitive and rapid.
The research and development of the Pesticide Residue Detector avoids the above shortcomings. The LCD screen displays Chinese characters and does not require professional technology. It is convenient and simple to use Chinese prompts on the LCD screen. Pesticide residue analyzer can be used for both microcomputer control operation and direct operation, greatly improving the flexibility of use, and it can automatically determine whether the test results are qualified or not, making the test results more intuitive and convincing.
With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, health has gradually become the focus of attention. However, during the growth process, fruits and vegetables do not know how many pesticides have been used to kill insects. As a result, pesticides and other harmful substances are increasingly left on fruits, vegetables and other foods, seriously threatening people's health. When we unknowingly eat food containing residual pesticides and harmful substances, it cannot be discharged from the human body and it will be trapped in the human body, directly endangering human health, causing necrosis, hardening of the internal organs, weakening of immune function, and dysplasia. The advent of the Pesticide Residue Tester can help you identify whether there are pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables in a few minutes to allow you and your family and others to enjoy it with peace of mind.

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