Chassis selection

Chassis selection

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    Many users will ask for their own requirements when consulting the truck crane . However, in many cases, the truck crane manufacturers cannot fully meet the requirements of the users, such as the tonnage of the above-mentioned households, the length of the cargo box, the engine horsepower, and the crane. Tonnage.

There are many users who have the intention to modify the truck crane with their own chassis, but because many customers do not have matching chassis models to match their models, they cannot be modified.

Firstly, the single-axle truck-mounted crane is to be introduced. The length of the announcement of the single-axle truck-mounted crane is less than 6.14 meters. Therefore, users who want to make a container longer than this size do not need to consider the single-bridge chassis and the single-bridge crane. The maximum crane tonnage is 8 tons, and the engine horsepower due to different chassis brands can choose a wide range of heavy truck crane with a lot of high-powered engine to match, and most of the other single-bridge crane with engine horsepower is 190 horsepower In the following, the maximum tonnage on a single bridge can reach 8 tons.

Secondly, small triaxial Crane and rear truck mounted crane Shuangqiaoshan these two models used are generally small portion of the beam thickness of 10 tons crane may be installed to reach 320mm crane 12 tons, the tonnage of household generally 10 ton -13 tons, the length of the container is generally 7.5 meters - 8.5 meters.

Finally, the tonnage of the four-eighth vehicle occupants is generally about 14 tons. This type of vehicle can carry a maximum of 16 tons of cranes. The length of the container is also within 8.5 meters of the small three-axle axle and the rear double-axle crane. .

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