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China Drying News On December 17th, the PSP-01, a polypropylene catalyst independently developed by the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute, was formally put into use in Dalian Petrochemical's annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of polypropylene. The catalyst produced smoothly under the production load of 25 tons/hour, and the product material properties and key indicators all met the product quality standards. This achievement is PetroChina's first polypropylene catalyst technology with completely independent intellectual property rights and will provide strong technical support for the development of high-end, high-value-added polypropylene products for refinery companies.

The target brand for this production is BOPP special material T36F which Dalian Petrochemical has high recognition in the domestic market. Polypropylene Catalyst PSP-01 is a fourth-generation high-efficiency carrier catalyst based on new electron donor technology. It has the characteristics of good hydrogen sensitivity, excellent copolymerization performance, uniform particle size of polymer product, and low fines content, and it has reached the international advanced level. The industrial application and promotion of polypropylene catalyst PSP-01 can further increase the level of smooth operation of polypropylene production equipment, optimize the quality of polypropylene products, help to save energy and reduce emission in the production process of polypropylene, and increase the market competitiveness and enterprise benefits of products. .

At present, the production of polypropylene products in China has entered the stage of high performance, and the products are more differentiated and require higher performance catalysts to customize products. Prior to this, China Petroleum did not have the proprietary technology for polypropylene catalysts, which restricted refinery companies in developing new products.

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