Construction and working principle of permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator

Construction of a semi-reverse flow type permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator

Mainly from the cylinder, magnetic system, tank (bottom box), bearing seat, blowing water pipe, feeding tank. Dividing box, unloading water pipe, unloading box, bracket, magnetic deviation adjustment device, transmission part, reducer, coupling, motor.

The cylinder is rolled from a 2-4 mm stainless steel plate with a layer of wear resistant material on the surface. It not only prevents the barrel from being worn, but also facilitates the adhesion of the magnetic product on the cylinder and enhances the carrying effect of the magnetic mineral particles of the cylinder. The thickness of the wear layer is about 2-3 mm. Aluminum cylinder with cap - cast copper alloy. The materials shown in the various parts of the cylinder should be non-magnetic materials, so that the magnetic lines of force pass through the cylinder into the selected zone to avoid magnetic short circuits with the cylinder. The cylinder motor is driven by a reducer.

There are two ways to combine the magnetic pole and the magnetic guide plate: one magnetic block has a hole and is fixed on the magnetic conductive plate with a copper bolt; the other is adhered to the magnetic plate with an adhesive such as an epoxy resin. The magnetic guide plate is fixed on the shaft of the cylindrical body via the bracket, and the magnetic system is fixed without rotating. The number of poles of the magnetic system is directly related to the wrap angle and the size of the cylinder. The angle of the magnetic envelope is usually 106-135 degrees, and the magnetic system is not higher than 0-20 degrees. It can be mounted by a magnetic declination steering device mounted on the shaft. adjust.

Second, the selection process of the permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator (working principle)

After the slurry enters the tank (bottom tank) of the magnetic separator, the ore is loosely connected to the feeding area at the bottom of the tank, and the magnetic ore is formed under the action of the magnetic field. "Magnetic chain or magnetic group", and overcomes gravity and mechanical force to move toward the magnetic pole, is attracted to the surface of the cylinder, moves with the cylinder, and in the process of moving, due to the alternating arrangement of the magnetic system, the magnetic ore particles Magnetic reversal (or magnetic agitation) is performed to remove a portion of the gangue particles that are entrained in the magnetic ore particles, thereby improving the taste of the concentrate, and the magnetic ore particles are transferred to the weakest point of the magnetic system edge with the cylinder. Under the action of the flushing water jet from the mine water pipe, it is discharged into the concentrate tank. The non-magnetic or weak magnetic ore particles are discharged from the tailings hole of the bottom plate into the tailings pipe under the action of the slurry flow in the tank.

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