Dürr Automotive R&D and Experimental Center China Headquarters Completed

Recently, Dürr China Headquarters & R&D Center held an opening ceremony in Qingpu, Shanghai and officially announced the opening of the new park. The park has a total investment of about 25 million euros, covers an area of ​​27.3 acres and has a total construction area of ​​20,000 square meters. It is mainly composed of an office building, a testing center, a verification center, and a training center. Among them, the testing center covering about 2200 m2 can be used for spraying, sealing and gluing testing of products. Such tests can only be conducted at other Dole branch companies; the 3,200 m2 verification center can provide automation for Chinese domestic companies. Solution pre-commissioning services. Also, this service was previously available only in Dürr Germany. In addition, the 800 m2 training center in the park can provide practical training for customers and Dole maintenance technicians.
Dürr China Completed Production Dürr China Completed Production

With the rapid development of the Chinese automobile manufacturing industry and the expansion of the company's business, diversified and localized customer demands have become increasingly prominent. The Dürr Group has invested heavily in the construction of the Dore China headquarters and R&D center. Ralf W. Dieter, CEO of Dürr Group, said, “These new local services can save a lot of time for Chinese customers.” Such as anti-deformation test of automobile body, spraying test of spray robot, air purification device test, and performance testing of relevant parts, Carry out localization solutions for Chinese customers, such as coating system engineering equipment, automobile assembly system equipment, exhaust gas treatment equipment research and development, process adjustment and design optimization. It can be said that this modern technology integrated facility will become a new stronghold of the Dürr Group's operations in painting, gluing and sealing and environmental technologies in China.

During the opening ceremony of the park, the reporter visited a series of the latest innovations demonstrated by Dürr. According to the digital digital@DüRR strategy, Toure demonstrated the progress of its coating process interconnection and digitization. Among the products showcased are the latest cloud-ready 7-axis EcoRP E043i robot and the newly developed Tech InCure for body curing.

It is understood that EcoInCure is a new body curing process developed by Dürr. The body is heated and cooled from inside to outside through this process. This technology can meet all the requirements for future drying operations related to electric vehicles and new materials. The horizontal operation mode is the first of its kind and is a key factor in achieving a compact system design. The new heating concept can also reduce energy consumption by 25%. Using EcoInCure to direct airflow is the key to ensuring the best finish and maximum process reliability. The long throw nozzle extends through the windshield opening into the body, heating the body from inside to outside, ensuring uniform heating and cooling. The thermal stress on the components will also be reduced, and the time required to heat the body can be reduced by up to 30%. Due to the horizontal operation of this process, the EcoInCure drying room is only half the length of a conventional drying room. Combined with an innovative heating concept that uses a central heat exchanger instead of a local heat exchanger, the total electrical power required by EcoInCure will also be reduced by 25%. EcoInCure meets all the requirements for future drying operations and applies to electric vehicles and new materials.

As part of the Qingpu Industrial Park, the completion of the new park will also become another important move for the Dürr Group to expand into China’s localization. Reiner Schmid, President of Doer China, stated: “In Qingpu, customers can be obtained in one place. We carry out all the important functions of efficient order execution - from engineering design and project management to software programming." The Dole service team in China continues to grow.

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