Drex Huahai wins the largest order for hatch cover in China

On August 14, relying on the technical strength, Shanghai Deruis Huahai Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, stood out from the competition with the global shipbuilding giant MacGiga, winning the largest container hatch cover order in China. Three 16,000 TEU container ships built by Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. are supplied.
The 16,000 TEU container ship is the largest container ship built in China's history. This type of ship has a total of 91 hatch covers. The design and manufacture of the hatch cover is quite difficult. During the contract negotiation process, the relevant departments of CSSC have fully played their functions, and together with Drex Huahai, strengthen coordination with relevant parties, and finally obtain the shipowner's approval and win orders.
During the ship design and specification discussion, Drex Huahai took full advantage of its unique advantages in the design and manufacture of marine equipment, especially in hatch covers, for the adaptation deformation, support blocks and positioning pins of the 16000 TEU container hatch cover. Innovative design. According to the introduction, the support block is the core component of the hatch cover, carrying the weight of all hatch covers and the weight of the container on it. Dresd Huahai uses new polymer materials as the support block material to make it have high pressure bearing capacity and long service life. The design has been applied on the 8530TEU container ship independently developed by China and has been recognized by ship owners around the world. The positioning pin of the 16000TEU container hatch cover is large in size, long in length and 35 tons in total. To this end, Dresd Huahai has innovated the design and extended it to the second floor below, which does not require a partial increase in the second platform or additional reinforcement of the hull structure, as well as reduced work in the closed hatch space. the amount.
Drex Huahai is a joint venture between China Shipping Marine Cargo Passage Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CSSC, and the world famous marine and shipyard equipment design and manufacturer Norwegian TTS Group. It specializes in the design and matching of marine cargo passage equipment and has abundant hatches. Cover design and manufacturing experience, so far has undertaken more than 600 sets of container ship supporting orders, accounting for 80% of the domestic container hatch cover market, involving multi-type super large container ships, such as China Shipping Container Transport Co., Ltd. 8530TEU~10000TEU The container ship, the 10,000 TEU container ship of the Canadian Sisban Company, and the five 18,000 TEU container ships ordered by CSCL in Korea not long ago.
The person in charge of the relevant departments of CSSC pointed out that the signing of the contract for the caps of three 16,000 TEU container ships showed that CSSC has achieved substantial results in promoting the expansion of supporting products to high-end development and supporting localization. This is also the implementation of the transfer mode, restructuring, and comprehensive transformation development strategy of the headquarters of CSSC. The transformation of functions and market expansion, especially under the impetus of the party's mass line education and practice activities, is close to the grassroots level, and is considered for the overall development of the group company and enterprise development. And the results achieved. In the future, the headquarters of CSSC will continue to help enterprises and institutions to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, continuously improve the research and development level and quality of marine accessory products, and strive to expand the market share of domestic marine accessory products.

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