Drive Gear At20 From China Manufacturer

  • Model NO.: AT20
  • Surface Treatment: Blackening/Anodic Oxidation/Nickelage/Zincing
  • Type: At10
  • Pulley Width: 22mm~103mm
  • Flange Diameter: as Your Request
  • Number of Teeth: 18~200
  • Specification: SGS, ROHS
  • HS Code: 84839000
  • Material: Aluminium/Copper/Steel/Stainless Steel
  • Application: Chemical Industry, Power Plant, Sewing Machine/3D Printer Machine and So on.
  • Belt Nominal Width: 20mm~100mm
  • Step/Hub: as Your Request
  • Flange Thicness: 1.5mm~3.0mm
  • Trademark: JBOSUN
  • Origin: Shenzhen China
We produce good quality, competitively priced timing pulleys in a variety of styles and sizes for customers and standard applications.

We offer:

Steel /Aluminum/ Copper Timing Pulley

1.Model:MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH, T2.5, T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20, 2M, 3M, 5M, 14M, S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M, S14M, 2GT, 3GT, 5GT, 8MGT, 14MGT, 8YU
3.Brand Name:Jbosun
4.Place of Origin:Shenzhen China (Mainland)
5.Packaging Detail:Export Carton
6.Delivery Detail:About 7 Days after receiving 30% T/T payment in advance
---Good quality with lowest price and best service.
---Large production capacity with fast delivery and quality assurance.
---Rich experience in producing timing pulleys.
---Timing pulley with no noise, high efficiency, and free from maintainance.

Any inquiry, please feel free to contact us for more details, we'll response you ASAP!
Timing Pulley

Type Belt nominal width Pulley width Step/hub Flange diameter Flange thickness Number of tooth(or as blueprint)

MXL 3.048mm~25.4mm 4mm~27mm
As your request

As standard
1.0mm~3.0mm 15~200
XL 4.826mm~50.8mm 6mm~52mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 10~200
L 9.398mm~76.2mm 11mm~79mm 1.5mm~3.0mm 10~200
H 9.398mm~101.6mm 11mm~105mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 10~200
XH 19.05mm~127mm 21mm~131mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 18~120
XXH 25.4mm~152.4mm 29mm~158mm 2.0mm~3.0mm 18~120
T2.5 3mm-30mm 4mm-32mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 12~200
T5 4mm~50mm 5mm-52mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 10~300
T10 10mm~100mm 11mm~102mm 1.5mm~3.0mm 12~200
T20 20mm~100mm 22mm~103mm 1.5mm~3.0mm 18~120
AT5 6mm~50mm 7mm~52mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 14~300
AT10 10mm~100mm 11mm~102mm 1.5mm~3.0mm 12~200
AT20 20mm~100mm 22mm~103mm 1.5mm~3.0mm 18~120
Arc Type 2M 3mm-30mm 4mm~32mm 1.5mm~3.0mm 15~200
3M 3mm-30mm 4mm~32mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 12~250
5M 10mm~50mm 11mm~52mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 14~300
8M 10mm~85mm 12mm-87mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 16~200
14M 20mm~115mm 22mm-119mm 1.5mm~3.0mm 18~200
S2M 3mm-30mm 4mm~32mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 15~200
S3M 3mm-30mm 4mm~32mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 12~250
S5M 10mm~50mm 11mm~52mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 14~300
S8M 10mm~85mm 12mm-87mm 1.5mm~3.0mm 16~200
2GT 3mm-30mm 4mm~32mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 15~200
3GT 3mm-30mm 4mm~32mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 12~250
5GT 10mm~50mm 11mm~52mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 14~300
8MGT 10mm~85mm 12mm~87mm 1.0mm~3.0mm 10~200

* How to order
Please advise pulley teeth number, type, belt width,pulley shape, inter hole (bore)

If there any questions, you can contact to us by Trade Messager, we can reply you at the first time.Or you can email us directly.

We are looking forward to your any enquiry!

Axial Flow Fan has a wide range of uses, that is, the airflow in the same direction as the fan blade's axis, such as the electric fan and the external fan of the air conditioner. It is called "axial flow" because the gas flows parallel to the fan shaft. Axial flow fans are usually used in situations with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements. The axial fan is fixed and moves the air. Axial flow fan is mainly composed of fan impeller and casing, with simple structure but high data requirements.

Axial Flow Fan

Axial Flow Fan