Engine maintenance

1,   Users must travel in the car 1500-- 5000 km / h within three months, to go together Yuchai service stations and maintenance records to go to the warranty:

2,   After Paul walked to within 10,000 kilometers per Yuchai service station to conduct a mandatory maintenance, mandatory maintenance of not less than three times within 50,000 kilometers;

3,   During the use of the engine, routine maintenance shall also be performed according to the following requirements. The first item shall be performed by the user, and the second and third items shall be performed by professional maintenance personnel.

4,   The air filter is a key component to ensure that the diesel engine inhales clean air. Always check the air intake system for sealing and maintenance, replace the air filter, and ensure that the diesel engine does not experience early wear.

5,   Correct, timely and careful maintenance can ensure long-term good engine operation, prevent malfunctions, reduce wear and prolong service life.

Breathing Filter

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