Global Specialty Chemical Company List Released

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China Drying Newsletter is based on the chemical company’s 2011 sales revenue from its specialty chemicals business. The US “Chemical Weekly” released last week the list of global specialty chemical companies. This is also the first time that the journal has ranked companies in the specialty chemicals business.

The rankings show that the world's leading specialty chemicals company is sourced from world-class chemical companies. Since 2007, BASF has consistently occupied the top spot of the magazine's "Billion Dollar Club" ranking, and this time it has become the first leader in specialty chemicals. In 2011, BASF’s sales revenue reached US$95.3 billion, of which sales of specialty chemicals accounted for approximately US$40.4 billion.

Companies ranked 2 to 10 were: Dow Chemical, $24.649 billion (sales revenue from specialty chemicals business, the same below); AkzoNobel, $18.501 billion; DuPont, $17.453 billion; Evonik Industries, $130.06 billion PPG Industry, $114.12 billion; Bayer, $109.74 billion; Syngenta, $101.62 billion; Mitsubishi Chemical, $9.569 billion; Dainippon Ink Chemicals, $8.863 billion.

The chemical company's sales of specialty chemicals come from different businesses. Companies such as BASF, Dow Chemical, and DuPont have a variety of specialty chemicals businesses. BASF's specialty chemicals business focuses primarily on the personal care sector, Dow Chemicals operates primarily in the electronic chemicals business, and DuPont Corporation focuses on crop protection and food additives.

The largest purely specialty chemicals company in this list is Dainippon Ink Chemical Industries, a manufacturer of pigments, printing inks and resins. Ekang, Givaudan and Avery Dennison are also prominent pure specialty chemical companies.

The world's leading paint and coating company ranks high on the list, such as AkzoNobel ranked third, PPG industry ranked sixth. In the field of agrochemical production, Syngenta ranks eighth, and the company's business is mainly crop protection.

The M&A transactions that have taken place in recent years have also had a major impact on the ranking of specialty chemical producers. BASF has become the world's leading personal care chemical company after the acquisition of Ciba Specialty Chemicals; after acquiring Nalco, the company has become a global leader in the production of water treatment chemicals, while also increasing its share of the oil chemical market. The company recently announced the acquisition of Champion Technologies, which will strengthen its oilfield chemicals business. Dow Chemical acquired Rohm and Haas after entering several new specialty chemicals areas, including paint coatings and electronic chemicals. DuPont entered the food additive field after acquiring Danisco. Other acquisitions include Lenzing’s acquisition of Arch, Ashland’s acquisition of International Specialized Products (ISP), and Eastman Chemical’s purchase of Solutia.

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