How to deal with noise in constant temperature and humidity chamber compressor

1. The bottom bolt loosens and oscillates. Solution: Tighten the bottom bolt.
Second, too much oil to form a liquid hit, solution: look at the oil surface.
Third, the working fluid enters the gas valve to form a liquid strike. Solution: Close the expansion valve or temporarily close it.
Fourth, refrigeration compressor failure:
1. The piston hits the exhaust valve during operation. Check if the exhaust valve bolt is loose.
2. The valve piece is damaged and the new valve piece is replaced.
3, bearing wear, repair or replace new
The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is supplied in a high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and low humidity environment to compare the material changes and the strong attenuation of rubber, plastics and electronic products before and after the test. This machine can also simulate the container environment to check the rubber and plastic under high temperature and high humidity, fading and shortening. This machine is specially designed to test various materials for heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and moisture resistance.

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