Industrial robots, key components need to break through

Industrial robots, both opportunities and challenges. With the increase in labor costs and the aging of the population, the continuous decline in the cost of robots and the continuous improvement in performance will help robots gradually achieve labor substitution. However, China is also facing the situation that upstream key components are dependent on imports. In order to cope with this problem, the country has listed the development of robots and components as one of the key development targets of development planning for the first time, which will help the domestic robot industry chain. development of.
Breakthroughs in key components. About 65% of the robot's cost is the reducer, servo system and motion controller, but these key components are dependent on imports, which greatly increases the cost of production, and the cost-reducing ratio of the reducer and servo system is more Big. At present, China's servo system production enterprises have begun to take shape, and the domestic enterprise market share has risen from less than 5% 10 years ago to more than 20% at present. At the same time, domestic enterprises have gradually broken through the field of reducers, and there are already many harmonic reducers. Domestic companies can produce products, and RV reducers also have companies entering the stage of product verification. The breakthrough of key components will help to improve China's robot industry chain and change the situation of being controlled by people.
It is not out of reach for domestic companies to win. We believe that for domestic key component manufacturers, if we want to shorten the gap with foreign companies and develop and grow, there are two ways to go: (1) to learn the advanced technology of foreign companies and realize basic technology by cooperating with domestic enterprises. Accumulation and breakthrough, and form a dislocation competition with leading foreign companies; (2) Gradually enter the high-end field by rationally arranging products and utilizing the synergy effect of the industrial chain. DeltaElectronics (2308.TW) has gradually broken through the blockade of European and American Japanese companies through the use of frequency converters as a breakthrough, forming a top 5 enterprise in the domestic automation control system market share.
Investment strategy: In the selection of target parts in the key component field, we believe that it can be divided into three dimensions: (1) Manufacturers who focus on the production and research of upstream key components and make breakthroughs, we are optimistic about cooperation with the world's reducer Shanghai Electromechanical, Huichuan Technology, a leading company in the field of domestic servo systems; (2) Midstream system integrators with a strong R&D capability and breakthrough in many downstream fields, entering the upstream key components by extending the industrial chain We are optimistic about relying on colleges and universities to develop powerful robots; (3) downstream application vendors who have made breakthroughs in the field of robotics by extending the industrial chain, we are optimistic about the rapid growth of the main industry, and the robots developed have made breakthroughs in the field of tire production, while at the same time The RV reducer developed has entered the huge round of shares in the product verification phase.

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