Japan will implement a single card for railway transportation

Japan will implement a single card for railway transportation According to reports, 142 operators of Japan’s national railway and public transport systems announced on the 18th that they will provide compatible services for transport IC cards issued by these 142 operators from March 23 next year.

Included in the range of compatible services are JR East's "Suica", JR Tokai's "TOICA", JR West Japan's "ICOCA", JR Kyushu's "SUGOCA" and Tokyo's private railway company's "PASMO", etc., passing through major Japanese cities. There are 10 types of railways and buses, and a total of 80 million IC cards. In the future, passengers can use only one of the above-mentioned transportation cards to pass through 4275 stations in Japan.

The compatibility of transportation cards has so far been limited to the JR system and its area. However, from March 23 next year, passengers will be able to use Tokyo's “PASMO” card to drive in Kansai’s private railway or public transportation system, which has greatly improved convenience compared with the previous. At that time, operators will put a uniform logo on the automatic ticket gates and shops to facilitate the use of passengers.

Brush Aluminum Composite Panel

The processing craft of brushed Aluminum composite panel

The processing craft of brushed composite panel is a kind of manufacturing process that repeatedly uses sandpaper to scrape out wires on the surface of the aluminum composite panel.

The process is mainly divided into three parts: degrease, the sand mill and water scrubbing. In the wire drawing process of the aluminum composite panel, after the anode processing, the special skin membrane technology will generate an epithelial layer, which contains metal, on the surface of the aluminum composite panel, making each tiny wire is clearly visible, thus showing gloss on the matte metallic.

Nowadays more and more aluminum composite panel products have adopted wire drawing craft on the surface of the aluminum panel to make it beautiful and corrosion resistant. Making products both fashionable and technological is one of the reasons why the technology is so popular.

Features and Applications:BRUSH

Brushed aluminum composite panels are well known for their features such as excellent fireproof properties, sound insulation, strength & durability, surface flatness and smoothness.

Along with these features the most important one that the panel covers is that of being weather resistant as results indicate that brushed panels can withstand the harshest of weather for decades.

Brushed aluminum panel have been in high demand over the last few years, this is because of the fact that brushed coated panels present quite diverse options with consistent features.

The most common applications of brushed aluminum panel would be the usage in wall boards & ceilings for tunnels, billboards & signs, used in manufacturing of bodies of cars and ships, interior and external wall claddings.

One of the biggest advantages of brushed aluminum panel is the fact that they come out in a variety of colors for this sole reason the usage of brushed panels in kitchens and rooms is also common.

Brushed ACP Panel Specification

1) Aluminum skin thickness: 0.12mm-0.50mm.
2) Total panel thickness: 2mm-6mm.
3) Width: 1000mm,1220mm (regular), 1250mm,1300mm,1500mm,1550mm, 1575mm,2000mm(maximum);
4) Length: Up to 6500mm;
5) Standard size: 1220mm(Width) ×2440mm(Length).

6) Surface Treatment: PVDF coating and PE coating.
7) Main aluminum composite wall panel Product: PE coated ACP,PVDF coated ACP,Nano PVDF coated ACP,Mirror finish ACP,Brushed ACP,Wooden ACP,Granite ACP and Fireproof core ACP.
8) Note: Non-standard sizes and special colors are available depending on customers` offers.

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