Leaf moisture sensor for plant greenhouse control system

Greenhouses are common in China's planting industry, but the application of intelligent control systems is not very common. The most important reason is that equipment is expensive. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop and apply a low-cost plant greenhouse automatic control system. This type of system can provide the optimum temperature, humidity, illuminance and carbon dioxide content required for the growth of plants. It is most suitable for the "intelligent" transformation of the existing medium and low-grade ordinary greenhouses in China, which is in line with the level of farmers' consumption and suitable for China's national conditions.

The function of the sensor subsystem is to convert climate parameters into voltage parameters. It is the main source of information for the monitoring system and relates to the reliability and accuracy of the entire system for detection, data analysis, and control. Mainly include soil moisture sensor, leaf surface humidity sensor, air temperature and humidity integration sensor, light intensity sensor, CO2 sensor. Due to the large area of ​​the greenhouse, the sensor is a fixed-point instrument, so the use of various types of sensors is large.

The system automatically detects and controls the air humidity, leaf surface humidity and soil moisture in the greenhouse. The air humidity sensor detects the air humidity. The leaf surface humidity sensor detects the leaf surface humidity and the single-chip microcomputer controls the spray pump to adjust the air humidity and the leaf surface humidity. When the humidity is lower than a certain set value, the spray pump is automatically activated to humidify; otherwise, the ventilation window is automatically activated to dehumidify. The soil moisture sensor is used to detect the soil moisture. When the humidity is lower than a certain set value, the water pump is turned on automatically or the liquid fertilizer is turned on.

At present, most greenhouses have been equipped with ventilation, heating, showers and other equipment. Simply add our SCM controllers, environmental parameter acquisition sensors, and output control cabinets in our "Automatic Control System". The conversion of low-grade greenhouses into a low-cost “smart greenhouse” requires a one-time investment of around RMB 1,000. Through the intelligent transformation of a number of greenhouses, the output of anti-season crops can be increased by 50% to 100% before the transformation, and the input of labor is greatly reduced. It is economical and affordable, and is in line with the sales level of agricultural users, in line with China's National conditions.

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