Log interpretation and rock power experiment for determining oil saturation by oil and gas reserves

Oil and gas reserves determination method

Fourth, the oil saturation determination method

(2) Log interpretation and rock power experiment to determine the original oil saturation

Due to the high cost of drilling the oil-based mud core and the closed core well, the process is complicated and it is impossible to drill a large amount. Generally, an oil zone (such as Daqing Oilfield) has only a few wells. Most small oil fields do not have direct data on the original oil saturation. Therefore, it is necessary and important to use logging data to explain or log interpretation based on rock and electric experiments.

1. Logging explains the theoretical basis of oil saturation

The use of electrical logging data to explain oil saturation has been largely in the framework of interpretation theory established by Archie in experimental data for more than half a century of logging geology, ie, resistivity (or The conductivity and porosity information are dominant, and the oil saturation is indirectly evaluated by the experimental parameters of the rock power. The Archie formula is written in the form of conductivity:

(1) It is the most effective and reliable method to determine the water or reservoir edge and bottom water analysis data produced by actual reservoirs.

(2) Estimate the resistivity of formation water in the same area or oil and gas field with the statistical variation of the buried depth of the stratum.

There are other methods, but they are more common when used in reserve calculations.

5. According to the statistics of oil-based mud or closed coring data, the reservoir oil saturation interpretation plate or related empirical formula is used to find the oil reservoirs with little change in reservoir lithology and physical properties. The logging resistivity can effectively reflect the change of oil saturation. In the oil-based mud and closed core section, the statistical relationship between the oil saturation and the resistivity log can be established experimentally. At this time, the resistivity log value can be selected as a single item or multiple items. Combined, as long as the statistical correlation is good and easy to operate. The ideal method is based on the Archie formula, based on the water saturation, porosity and log resistivity of the core section, statistical regression to determine other parameters, and then establish a log interpretation saturation formula.

In addition, according to the determinants of oil saturation of the reservoir, such as permeability, porosity, oil-bearing height and oil-water interfacial tension, from the oil-based mud core or closed coring data, the water saturation can be statistically determined with these parameters. Correlation, using the parameters of the common coring well, indirectly determine the oil saturation of the same or similar comparable reservoir.

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