New Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (9.17)

(New Shanghai Containerized Freight Index)

Description Unit Unit Route Weight Weigh-
Ting Previous Index (YYYY-MD)
2010-09-10 Current Index Current Index (YYYY-MD)
2010-09-17 Compared to previous week Weekly Growth Comprehensive Index 1413.41 1375.81 -37.6 Line Service Europe (base port) Europe (Base port) USD/TEU 20% 1745 Mediterranean (basic port) Mediterranean (Base (Port) USD/TEU 10% 1735 US West (base) USWC (Base port) USD/FEU 20% 2567 US East (base) USEC (Base port) USD/FEU 7.5% 4027 Persian Gulf and Persian Gulf and Red Sea (Dubai) USD/TEU 7.5% 990 Aussie (Melbourne) Austrlian/New Zealand (Melbourne) USD/TEU 5% 1031 West Africa (Lagos) East/West Africa (Lagos) USD/TEU 2.5% 2211 South Africa ( Durban) South Africa (Duban) USD/TEU 2.5% 1352 South America (Santos) South America (Santos) USD/TEU 2.5% 2179 Kansai, Japan (Basic Port) West Japan (Base port) USD/TEU 5% 308 Japan Kanto (Basic Port) East Japan (Base port) USD/TEU 5% 308 Southeast Asia (Singapore) Southeast Asia (Singapore) USD/TEU 5% 320 Korea (Busan) Korea (Pusan) USD/TEU 2.5% 162 Taiwan (Kaohsiung) Taiwan (Kaohsiung) USD/TEU 2.5% 228 Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Hong Kong (Hong Kong) USD/TEU 2.5% 137

Remarks: The sub-route freight rates include sea freight and sea freight related surcharges, which include the following surcharges:

Note: The freight rate includes ocean freight and surcharges, ie:

1. Fuel surcharge (BAF/FAF) 2. Emergency fuel surcharge (EBS/EBA) 3. Currency surcharge (CAF/YAS)

4. Seasonal Surcharge (PSS) 5. War Surcharge (WRS) 6. Port Congestion Surcharge (PCS)

7. Canal surcharge (SCS/SCF/PTF/PCC)

Basic Port: Select the base port of the route for reporting, Base Port: Report Freight Rates of Base Ports

Such as: Mediterranean-Barcelona/Valencia/Genoa/Naples Mediterranean Sea-Barcelona/Valencia/Genoa/Naples

Europe - Hamburg/Rotterdam/Antwerp/Flixstowe/Le Havre Europe_Hamburg/Antwerp/Felixtowe/Le Havre

West Coast-Los Angeles / Long Beach / Oakland USWC-Los Angeles/Long Beach/Oakland

US East - New York/ Savannah/ Norfolk/ Charleston USEC—New York/Savannah/Norfolk/Charleston

Kansai, Japan - Osaka/Kobe; Kanto, Japan - Tokyo/Yokohama West Japan—Osaka/Kobe East Japan—Tokyo/Yokohama

Anchorage Frame

An anchorage frame secures the Tower Crane mast to a structure or framework and provides stability when the tower crane is under load or experiencing wind forces. The number of Tower Crane Anchorage Frame is calculated by taking into account such factors as the type of tower cranes, jib length, height under hook, and maximum out-of-service wind speed.

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