The advantages of measuring gluten quality by glutenometer

The most traditional method for gluten determination is hand-washing, and the quality of gluten is judged by the fact that there are no specific numerical indicators. Therefore, the error of this method is relatively large, the operation is cumbersome, and the practicality is not strong. The use of gluten index meter to use gluten index method to respond to gluten number and quality error is very small.

Real face using gluten detector. The instrument consists of double Xuan gluten washing instrument, centrifuge and drying instrument. When real face, take lOg whole wheat flour or flour into a 88um vinegar sieve washing room, add 4.8m12% saline, mix for 2C seconds on the gluten, form the dough, and then rinse automatically for 5 minutes. The gluten is then placed in an index box with a 600 um mesh and centrifuged at 6000 r/min for one minute. Pass some gluten which is of poor quality through the screen to scrape r, and make gluten left on the screen, that is, high-quality gluten, weigh m., gluten and ml passing through the screen to each other and Regain m:,n:m,.}.Yuanjin index is knives=ml/m}XI000r". This experiment can obtain two indexes of six gluten number and gluten index knife at the same time.

The measurement method of gluten meter can not only measure the gluten index of flour, but also can measure the gluten index of whole wheat flour. The difference between the quality of whole wheat flour and flour is 2096, so it can be used to guide the technical collocation of raw material purchase and processing through rapid determination so that finished products can meet the needs of different industries. The gluten index has a good correlation with the silty curve. In general, a high gluten index of the flour will result in a long stabilization time of the silt and a strong gluten, but the ratio is not directly proportional. This method can be used to shorten the inspection time in the identification of high-quality wheat:

The gluten analyzer can be used to detect the quality deterioration of worm-eaten and aged wheat gluten. The gluten index of wheat of the same variety in worm rot or aging will be significantly reduced. The gluten index will be reduced by 40--500 when the claw eggs are decomposed from the scale to the post-medicine wheat flour. Dryers can be used to directly determine the water holding capacity of dry gluten and gluten. The bake meter is scheduled (4 minutes) set i}. (150'C)% set, the error is minimal.


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