· The cost of the bus costs a staggering central brakes "waste on wheels"

A displacement over-standard vehicle with a displacement of 2.3L and a price of 213,800 yuan was reported to be 2.0L when the official vehicle registration form was filled, and the vehicle displacement was falsely reported. Not long ago, Peng Dong, the party secretary and president of the Binzhou Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the party committee member and deputy director of the Binzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, were given serious warnings within the party for illegally using the bus.
The practice of physical distribution of official vehicles is to ensure normal business travel, but over the years, over-compilation, super-standard equipment and other "on the wheels" of extravagance and waste problems, vehicle coverage is too large, operating management costs are high, bus private The use of such issues has become increasingly prominent and has been criticized by the masses.
In the educational practice activities, the Central Party’s Office of the Leading Group for the Education and Practice of the Mass Line issued the “Notice on Carrying out the Special Renovation of the Four Winds” and Strengthening the System Construction, and required special rectification of issues such as exceeding the standard for public buses. In addition, this round of bus reform has also provided assistance for the special treatment of buses. In November last year, the Central Office and the State Council issued the “Regulations on the Party and Government to Strictly Save and Oppose Waste” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), which made a decision on bus management and reform. Provisions; In July this year, the Central Office and the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Reform of the Official Car System" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), reforming the official car system, and regulating the operation and management of official vehicles.
The cost of the bus costs a staggering self-proclaimed "the car is still a savings", a county magistrate in Hunan calculated an account: driving more than 20,000 kilometers per year, oil and tolls plus 30,000 yuan, the driver's annual salary is about 2 Ten thousand yuan, plus maintenance and repair costs, etc., a bus needs 60,000-70,000 yuan for the whole year.
In addition to the purchase of vehicles, each bus costs tens of thousands of dollars per year. The accumulated amount of money is staggering over the years. In some places, it is even possible to use the "sitting under the ass" to describe the cost of each bus. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Finance, in 2013, the central government’s “three public” expenditures were 7.154 billion yuan, of which the official vehicle purchase and operation costs were 4.253 billion yuan, although it was lower than the 4.432 billion yuan in 2012, but still accounted for “three public”. Nearly 60% of the expenditure is more than three times the sum of official reception expenses.
Gao Xinmin, a professor at the Central Party School, pointed out that the cost of vehicle operation and management is high, and the scope of bus configuration is still too large. In some areas, county-level and even department-level cadres also have fixed-use vehicles. In some areas, the main leader is even equipped with two special vehicles.
In addition, some people even use the bus as a "private" item, drive out to travel, pick up and drop off children to school, and even drive to the street to buy a dish. According to relevant research reports, there are three “1/3” bus usage: 1/3 of office affairs, 1/3 of private cadres and their relatives, and 1/3 of drivers.
The data is the best illustration. Since the implementation of the eight regulations, by the end of July this year, the country has investigated and dealt with 5,600 cases of violations of the eight regulations, including 10,485 cases of illegal use of buses, which is at the forefront of the investigation. "It is imperative to rectify the over-standard bus," Gao Xinmin said.
The number and configuration of buses have "hard levers"
"220,000 ... 240,000 ... 248,000, the deal!"
On May 23, a bus auction was held in Zhuzhou County, Hunan Province, and 41 super-standard buses were auctioned in Zhuzhou County.
In March of this year, Zhuzhou County took the over-standard super-bus as the focus of rectification in accordance with the requirements of “eight uniforms” such as “stopping the purchase of new official vehicles, prohibiting private use of buses, and private use”. From April 17 to 21, the county collected and collected over-standard super-buses, and collected 96 super-competition buses. Except for 55 units, they were transferred to some urgently needed townships and county units. The remaining 41 units were all concentrated for public auction. .
In the educational practice activities, all localities have stepped up efforts to rectify the over-standard bus, so that “corruption on the wheels” and “brakes”. In Chenzhou City, Hebei Province, 171 vehicles were over-examined, and Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, publicly auctioned 37 over-standard buses. The tobacco industry cleared and cleared 1,305 vehicles.
Xin Ming, a professor at the Central Party School, pointed out that the clearing of official vehicles with excessive standards should first clarify the standards for official vehicles, while the standards mainly involve bus preparation and grades.
With regard to bus preparation, the "Regulations" clearly stipulates that the method of real distribution of official vehicles will be reformed, and general official vehicles will be cancelled. In other words, the general official car also belongs to the "excessive standard" range, will be cleared, through the rectification, the total amount of buses will be greatly reduced.
In July this year, the "Opinions" issued by the Central Office and the State Council opened the current round of bus reform. The car reform, the central and state agencies first try, each unit can only retain up to 5 official vehicles, nearly 5,000 buses will be cleared.
Xin Ming said that during the educational practice activities, the relevant documents on the reform of the bus will be issued, and the standard of bus preparation and equipment will be clarified. This will help the combination of bus special rectification and bus reform, and help each other to achieve better results.
The facts verify this point. Whether the main person in charge of local party and government participates in the car reform, the "Opinions" are only encouragement and do not make mandatory provisions. However, some localities dared to open their own knives and covered the scope of the car to the party leader.
The scope of official car reform in Lishui District, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province covers the four groups from the district to the district directly, and extends to all towns and towns; Tongling City, Anhui Province is no longer equipped with bus for the main leaders of the county and municipal departments, and mandatory reform And established a strict system of supervisory accountability...
The "Opinions" set a timetable for the reform of the bus, which is to complete the reform of the official car system in two to three years. Xin Ming said that it is believed that under the strong promotion of educational practice activities, the process of bus reform will accelerate.
Regarding the standard of bus equipment, the "Administrative Measures for the Use of Official Cars for Party and Government Organs" issued by the Central Office and the State Council in 2011 stipulates that the general official vehicles are equipped with a displacement of 1.8 liters or less and a price of less than 180,000 yuan. The sedan communication vehicle is equipped with a car with a displacement of 1.6 liters or less and a price of less than 120,000 yuan. Except for national security, investigation and handling cases, emergency rescue, security and special geographical environment, law enforcement duty vehicles are equipped according to the standard of official vehicles.
However, it is not uncommon for super-standard official vehicles to be used in some places. "Even even Toyota's overbearing, Buick LaCrosse, Audi and other vehicles with a configuration of about 400,000 yuan have become the driving cadres of some leading cadres." Xin Ming believes that the over-standards should be exceeded. With the car to clean up, illegally change cars and borrow cars, appropriation of money to buy cars, luxury decorative official vehicles and bus private use, abuse of military police car licenses and other acts seriously investigated and dealt with the offenders.
Remediation of over-standard buses still requires further follow-up protection. “In the past, there were many buses parked on the parking lot. Now it is basically invisible.” A hotel administrator near Beijing’s East Third Ring Road told reporters. In fact, it is a hotel, parking lots in scenic spots around the city, and on the road after work, the number of buses is getting smaller and smaller. Since the implementation of educational practice activities, cadres and the masses have really felt the effectiveness of bus management.
Remediation of over-standard buses is on the one hand, and the general public is concerned about the follow-up measures for remediation, such as how to dispose of the retired bus, the standard of vehicle replenishment, and how to supervise the retention of vehicles.
On August 26th, the central and state government bus reforms canceled the bidding for vehicle disposal agencies, and a total of 22 companies bid for the final nine disposal agencies. The whole process of recording the opening of the event. The candidates for the evaluation of experts are randomly selected from the government procurement expert database of the Ministry of Finance, and the evaluation committee is formed, and the representatives of the on-site bidders are selected as the monitors.
The "Opinions" stipulate that for the cancellation of general official vehicles, it is necessary to formulate measures for disposal, public bid evaluation, auction institutions, and public disposal through public auctions. The central state organs provided first-hand trials to provide experience for local disposal of over-standard buses. Xin Ming said that in the process of bus disposal, it should prevent the black box operation of the bus auction, "not internal to the outside", resulting in the loss of state-owned assets.
With regard to the issuance of vehicle subsidies, it is necessary to prevent the subsidy of the bus from becoming a disguised salary increase, even in the case of sitting in a car while holding a subsidy. Then, how to supervise the use of the remaining buses, especially the law enforcement duty vehicles, to prevent some leading cadres from making up the bus and the bus "drinking on both sides"? Xin Ming suggested that GPS global positioning system can be installed on the vehicle. "This way, every trip and route of each vehicle can be seen at a glance." He also suggested that the vehicle should be painted with a clear uniform logo to give full play to the supervision role of the masses.

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