The woodworking machine tool industry currently has problems TOP4

The woodworking machine tool industry currently has problems TOP4 Experts pointed out that the woodworking machine tool industry currently has four major problems.

1. Poor product technology innovation is a deadly problem in the industry. Some companies took over from others, or even bought a piece of information and bought ready meals. "One appearance" has caused the homogeneity and homogenization of products in the entire industry, and has become the root cause of the increasingly fierce price war.

2. The low level of product quality is a prominent issue in the industry. Isomorphism and homogeneity have become the root cause of price competition, and the low profits formed by low-cost positions have also adversely affected quality, leading to the decline of quality issues such as product safety, reliability, and accuracy maintenance.

3. Many varieties, lack of features, and low market share are potential problems for the industry. Many companies take a large and complete product variety, and they have a small and full product development road. They want to compete in the world and lack characteristics. Their market share is too low and their risks are high. The damage will be fatal.

4, poor market channels, is the industry's problems. The formation of this problem is closely related to the absence or dislocation of the role of the agent, the marketing strategy of quick success for the manufacturer, and the lack or disregard of the laws of market economy.

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