Top ten energy-saving technologies will be promoted in the industry

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China Drying Newsletter On December 26, the National Development and Reform Commission formally announced the “National Promotion Catalog for Key Energy-saving Technologies (The Fifth Batch)”. The catalogue includes 49 energy-saving technologies, of which 10 are suitable for the petrochemical industry. In response to the current promotion of energy-saving technologies, the reporter interviewed Fang Xiaoyu, vice chairman of the China Chemical Industry Energy Technology Association. He said that the promotion of key energy-saving technologies should take into account the recognition of these technologies by enterprises, must innovate the promotion model of energy-saving technologies, and increase the promotion of these energy-saving technologies.

The reporter learned that the fifth batch of key energy-saving technologies that can be applied in the petrochemical industry include natural-ventilated reverse-flow wet cooling tower feng shui-matching enhanced heat transfer technology, high-efficiency composite evaporative cooling (condenser) technology, and solvent extraction for refining industrial phosphoric acid technology , permanent magnet eddy current flexible energy-saving technology, hybrid AC drive shunting locomotive technology, energy saving optimization technology of industrial cooling circulating water system, steam system operation optimization and energy-saving technology, aerogel super insulation material thermal insulation energy-saving technology, metal coating before room temperature Zirconium treatment energy-saving technology, wall with ultra-thin insulation board technology.

Xiaofang Fang said that these energy-saving technologies are based on advanced applications, can reflect the latest developments in energy-saving technologies, energy-saving potential is expected to obtain significant energy-saving effects, a wide range of applications, the application prospects in the entire industry and other requirements screened out. However, he admitted that the current promotion ratio of the technologies involved in the catalogue is low, and the proportion of some technology promotion is still less than 1%. In his view, enterprises need an understanding process for the level, performance, and effectiveness of energy-saving technologies, and it is necessary for relevant departments to increase publicity.

However, Xiaofang Fang has full confidence in the promotion of energy-saving technologies in the future. He told reporters that for the promotion of these energy-saving technologies, the Chemical Energy Saving Technology Association has established a platform for multi-community exchanges. Through conference promotion, energy-saving diagnosis, and publishing books, etc., the energy-saving technology and manufacturing companies will establish better links. Effectively contributed to the practical application of five batches of energy-saving technologies issued by the National Development and Reform Commission in the petrochemical field. He said that the association has been trying to innovate the promotion model of energy-saving technologies. For example, individual energy-saving technologies often encounter obstacles in promotion. In this regard, the association has developed energy-saving technologies to form research projects, and has continuously launched outstanding projects to integrate a number of technologies. Enterprises can make reference and comparisons, choose better technologies, and finally get benefits.

He predicts that by 2015, the promotion ratio will increase substantially. Except that a few technologies are promoted within the industry by less than 10%, the average proportion of other technology promotion is 30% to 60%, and the maximum promotion rate is 80%. By then, it will bring 37.82 million tons of standard coal/year total energy savings.

Fang Xiaoxuan also revealed that the association has just completed the 2012 report on the progress of energy saving in the industry and has conducted a review on a number of energy-saving technologies. In the next step, they will also organize industry experts to complete the compilation of key energy-saving technologies in the industry, and specify more specifically which enterprises have these energy-saving technologies, and which specific energy-saving effects these technologies generate. The compilation will be the extension of the fifth batch of energy-saving technology catalogs, and it will be closer to the actual application of the petrochemical industry so that companies can find energy-saving technologies that suit them.

The fifth batch of energy conservation technology catalogues covers 12 industries including coal, electricity, steel, non-ferrous metals, petroleum and petrochemicals, chemicals, building materials, machinery, light industry, construction, transportation, and communications. The total investment is approximately RMB 1.06 billion. It is estimated that by 2015, The total investment in the promotion of energy-saving technologies will exceed 130 billion yuan.

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