What are the operating points of the spiral concentrator?

The operating points of the spiral concentrator are as follows:

(1) The maximum grain size of the ore is 6mm . When a large nugget enters, it will disturb the ore and block the concentrate discharge pipe. Sheet-shaped large gangue is also detrimental to the selection. Therefore, a large piece of sieve should be used before being selected. In addition, when the selected materials contain a lot of mud, the sorting effect will be deteriorated. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the mud before the mud is contained.

(2) Control the amount of ore given. When the mud-rich concentrate is finer, the amount of ore can be smaller; when the coarse-grain size of the concentrate is small, the amount of ore can be larger. The requirements for the quality of the ore supply are not strict, and the change of the quality score within the range of 10% to 30% has little effect on the selection index.

(3) Washing should be dispersed from the inner edge to avoid disturbing the ore flow, the washing water volume is large, the concentrate grade is high, but the recovery rate is reduced; the washing water is small, which is beneficial to improve the recovery rate, and the washing water should be increased from top to bottom. .

(4) The concentrate yield is adjusted by rotating the movable scraper of the interceptor. When too much concentrate is intercepted, the concentrate grade will decrease. The appropriate position of the movable scraper should be determined by sampling and testing, and then be flexible after having experience.

 Economical Advertising Plasma Cutting Machine

1. Imported guide rail, double four ball slider, heavy loading capability, smooth operation, high  precision, long life.

2. High-speed stepper motor and driver, Y-axis using a dual-motor drive, to make high-speed operation up to 20 meters above the blank line speed, with the high power spindle can greatly enhance the carving speed more .

3. whole steel structure, high temperature tempering after welding to eliminate the stress treatment, distortion free, strong and lone life.

4. The plasma with high cutting speed, high precision, small slit, neat. Under traditional CNC system ,improved control method of cutting, avoid the secondary processing.

5. During the plasma is cutting, if the torch of plasma break at any point , take the torch out of the machine, adjust the torch, then the torch will automatically return to break points

6. Plasma can be automatically increased

Application :

Advertising industry:

Advertising signs, logo making, decorative products, production of 

advertising and a variety of metal materials.

Mold Industry:

Engraving metal molds made of copper, aluminum, iron and so on.

Metal industry:

For steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminium plate, gold, silver, Titanium and other metal plate and tube

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