ZF Sets Up New Electric Drive Business Unit to Make Zero Discharge

By combining passenger and commercial vehicles electrification related business, we believe that these advanced technology has a huge role in shaping the future, "ZF (ZF) CEO Stefan? Dr. Stefan Sommer Sommer said," based on the current In the controversy over the issue of vehicle emissions, the electric age has come faster than we initially expected. “The importance of this trend is clearly reflected in the fact that ZF is taking a step-by-step approach to shifting the development focus from traditional drivetrain technology to the electric vehicle sector and the establishment of a new electric drive business unit.

ZF Establishes New Electric Drive Business Unit
ZF Sets Up New Electric Drive Business Unit to Make Zero Discharge

In the past, various growing electrification businesses were distributed in various business divisions, and now they will all be unified under the company's sixth division, the Electric Drive Division. The new division complements the existing five business divisions - passenger car transmission technology, passenger car chassis technology, commercial vehicle technology and industrial technology, and ZF completed in the middle of May for the United States TRW Automotive Group ( The active and passive safety technology divisions just established after the acquisition of TRW) incorporated all of the group's business activities.

ZF’s existing electronic systems and electric drive technology business units will form the core of the new electric drive business unit, and will focus on the development of electric drive projects and the integration of electric drive businesses throughout the company.

At present, the Schweinfurt branch mainly covers the ZF Electric Drive Business Unit and the lightweight design business, further strengthening its position as the company's main high-tech R&D base. "After the establishment of the new division, we will be able to better participate in the global trend of electric drive systems and comply with increasingly stringent international regulations to provide customers with the products and systems they need." ZF Dr. Stefan Sommer, CEO of Stefan Sommer, stated, “At the same time, we are transforming the Schweinfurt branch from a company specializing in the production of chassis parts into a production of more complex driveline components. In the long run, this will help the development of the production base."

At present, ZF shock absorbers in Germany are mainly located in Schweinfurt, Aitov and Ahrweiler. At present, ZF has established an overall production plan for shock absorbers to cope with the huge production cost pressure of conventional shock absorbers. Since it is difficult to guarantee competitive prices in a country with a high labor cost such as Germany, we plan to shift the production base of conventional shock absorbers to foreign cities that are far from Schweinfurt, Aitov and Ahrweiler. . Most of the products will be produced at ZF's existing production facilities in Levice (Slovakia) and Gebze (Turkey).

The latest generation of electronically controlled shock absorbers is based on more advanced technology. The production base of the electronically controlled shock absorbers and other products will be relocated from Schweinfurt to other productions of Atov, Ahrweiler and Eastern Europe. base. This will allow ZF to retain its jobs in Ettov and Ahrweiler until the end of 2022. The production base in Schweinfurt gradually ceased production of all shock absorbers, turned to serve the new electric drive business unit, and benefited from the company's investments in zero-emission-driven key technologies.

"The future of investment requires strict adherence to the company's principles." said Michael Hankel, head of ZF product and board member, "This is why we continue to pursue such a policy systematically - to those already From high-tech to standard products, the lifecycle products are migrated to production bases outside Germany where labor costs are lower.” Hankel emphasized, “If we want to remain competitive in all product areas, we must adhere to stricter regulations. , open market rules."

In the past few months, ZF has negotiated with the unions at various production bases the master plan for the production layout of shock absorbers and all the details involved in the establishment of the electric drive division in Schweinfurt. . Hankel added: "First of all, this will make our products more price-competitive; secondly, this will retain our approximately 900 jobs at Aetof and Ahrweiler."

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